Zinetika Festival 2023: Dance, Film and Technology in four international venues

Nov 8, 2023

Zinetika Festival 2023 celebrates its eighth edition with the promise of exploring the fusion of dance, film, and technology at four locations: Pamplona, San Sebastián, Bilbao, and Mayenne, France.

This multidisciplinary festival will offer a diverse program between November 17 and December 14, featuring performances and film screenings from up to eight different countries, while also highlighting local talent through a masterclass and the screening of Fermín Gil's first documentary, "ODA".

Pamplona's Palacio Condestable will be transformed into a unique stage for "Ârtica" by Ponten Pie, a cabin built in the courtyard of the building that promises to take the audience on a sensory adventure. On the same day, visitors can explore the installation "To Let Go" by Laida Aldaz, consisting of two large visual poetry books with four screens that reflect the challenge of letting go. Additionally, an enriching masterclass will be offered by Navarra's Ione Atenea, titled "Connecting with the World Through the Camera".

The festival program extends to other venues, including San Sebastián, where "A Universal Story" by David Espinosa will offer an audiovisual journey through significant moments in human history. At the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, in collaboration with Top-Arte, renowned international artist Vera Mantero will present "Os Serrenhos do Caldeirão, Exercises in Anthropology of Fiction", a work that analyzes the wisdom of rural life lost over time in the Sierra de lo Caldeirão in Algarve, Portugal.

The Official Selection of the 8th edition of the Zinetika Festival showcases the best films related to videodance, with twelve titles from eight countries competing for awards for the best film and direction at each festival venue. They will also contend for the Kresala Prize, granted by the eponymous film club in San Sebastián, which provides additional exhibition opportunities.

The jury awarding these prizes is composed of filmmaker Ione Atenea, Rosa García Loire, director and audiovisual producer, and Marta Coronado, a dancer, choreographer, and co-director of the La Faktoria Choreographic Center. As a novelty, the festival expands to Mayenne, France, where a "Creation and Videodance Workshop" will be held in collaboration with the R14 company, culminating in the screening of two films at the Cinema Le Vox in Mayenne alongside the festival's Official Section.

Zinetika Festival 2023 promises to be a unique experience that explores the intersection of dance, film, and technology, fostering creativity and innovation in the artistic world.

Latest news

Oct 28, 2022


The poster for the 7th ZINETIKA Festival is now available, with the festival being held from November 18th to December 4th 2022 in Pamplona, San Sebastian and Bilbao with a programme based on short video-dance films performances, workshops and a masterclass.


This year’s international event has added two new venues. The Guggenheim Museum will become the new Winnetka venue in Bilbao as part of the TopARTE programme in its 25th year.

In addition, the Euskadi Institute of Architecture becomes the new venue in San Sebastian, while the Trueba Cinemas will continue showing the short films. The vents in Pamplona will take place in the Civivox Condestable cultural centre.

The programme includes a masterclass given by the film-maker Marina Lameiro, the presentation of the film "Luna Negra" and the performance entitled "In Perspective".

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