One space. Two dices. 10 dancers. One game of chance. The possibility of creating in the confinement.
    Date: 2020-2021
    Runtime: 10’20’’

    Distance choreographic creation process with students from La Faktoria Choreographic Center, carried out during the confinement generated by the health crisis.This was the creation process: two dices were rolled, one with spaces, one with movement qualities. The students created a choreography based on the result of the dice and then they filmed it. Its result is the creation of a video dance short film produced by Zinetika Festival, La Faktoria and Festival Danzad Danzad Malditos.


    Director: Laida Aldaz Arrieta
    Choreographies by: Nina Richard, Michèle Benz, Martín Lopéz, Clarissa Costagliola, Hannah Zauner, Emilia Arias, Lucía Burguete, Diego Pazó, Sira Aymerich & Josep Aymerich.
    Editor: Joaquín Breton
    Music: Luisillo Kalandraka
    Assistant Choreographer: Marta Coronado & Carmen Larraz


    This project has been carried out with the help of Innova Cultural 2019.