Zinetika Festival 2023 Awards

Jan 8, 2024

Premios Zinetika 2023

The official awards for the VIII edition of ZINETIKA Festival have been announced:

  • The Best Film Award of Zinetika 2023, with a prize of €300, goes to the American short film "Old Man at the Corner Store" by Nadav Heyman & Anabella Casanova.
  • The Best Direction Award of Zinetika 2023, with a prize of €300, is awarded to Danish filmmaker Jeppe Lange, director of "Laws of Motion".
  • Additionally, the jury has decided to grant an Honorable Mention to the Iranian work "I am my mother" by Mohammad Abbassi.

The jury for Zinetika 2023 consisted of Navarre filmmaker Ione Atenea, choreographer and co-director of La Faktoria Choreographic Center Marta Coronado, and film producer and director Rosa García Loire.

The prize money is in addition to the €100 remuneration received by all films in the Official Section of Zinetika 2023 for screening rights during the festival.



The short films selected by the festival's organizers and featured in the Otras Luces festival include "Ahead Behind" (Ben Kadie, USA), "Move" (Bernando Alevato & Taianne Oliveira, Brazil), "Un cuerpo es" (Jaime Dezcallar, Spain), and "Absent Pressence" (Giorgia Ponticello, Italy).

Latest news

Oct 28, 2022


The poster for the 7th ZINETIKA Festival is now available, with the festival being held from November 18th to December 4th 2022 in Pamplona, San Sebastian and Bilbao with a programme based on short video-dance films performances, workshops and a masterclass.


This year’s international event has added two new venues. The Guggenheim Museum will become the new Winnetka venue in Bilbao as part of the TopARTE programme in its 25th year.

In addition, the Euskadi Institute of Architecture becomes the new venue in San Sebastian, while the Trueba Cinemas will continue showing the short films. The vents in Pamplona will take place in the Civivox Condestable cultural centre.

The programme includes a masterclass given by the film-maker Marina Lameiro, the presentation of the film "Luna Negra" and the performance entitled "In Perspective".

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