Oct 28, 2022

The poster for the 7th ZINETIKA Festival is now available, with the festival being held from November 18th to December 4th 2022 in Pamplona, San Sebastian and Bilbao with a programme based on short video-dance films performances, workshops and a masterclass.


This year’s international event has added two new venues. The Guggenheim Museum will become the new Winnetka venue in Bilbao as part of the TopARTE programme in its 25th year.

In addition, the Euskadi Institute of Architecture becomes the new venue in San Sebastian, while the Trueba Cinemas will continue showing the short films. The vents in Pamplona will take place in the Civivox Condestable cultural centre.

The programme includes a masterclass given by the film-maker Marina Lameiro, the presentation of the film "Luna Negra" and the performance entitled "In Perspective".


With regard to film, ZINETIKA will host the premiere of the documentary "Luna Negra" in Navarre. Directed by Miguel Goñi and Mikel Belascoain, it focuses on the poetical and magical universe of Granada’s arte jondo, starring the dancer Alba Heredia as it deals with the important milestones of her life as an artist, such as her wedding held according to gypsy custom and the birth of her son.

Filmed in black and white in 4:3 format, the film is a poetic document that observes the deep roots of Flamenco that have many parallels with the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca. "Luna Negra" will be shown at ZINETIKA after appearing at the Granada Young Film-makers’ Festival.

Apart from that, ZINETIKA confirmed the deadline of May 31st for entering audiovisual works for the 2022 Official Section. This year we have received 1,180 films from all over rhe world, from China to Iran, the U.S.A., Mexico, etc. The works that have been chosen will be announced soon.



As usual, the festival has programmed a masterclass and this year it will be given by the film-maker from Navarre Marina Lameiro (Young & Beautiful, Dardara), under the title "The camera as an extension of the body", where she will use fragments of her own films and those of others to reflect on the camera as a truly sensitive extension of the body itself.


ZINETIKA will also host "In Perspective", a multidisciplinary performance based on the coming together of dance, architecture and music, in unstaged settings. As its name suggests, this site specific plays with perspectives, evoking a cinematographic atmosphere. The audience progresses as the show develops, while revealing different scenes of dance inspired by inhabited spaces.

Directed by Laida Aldaz, this project has been created by Gregory Alliot, Marta Coronado, Clarissa Costagliola, Stefano Matiello and Beñat Urrutia.


The San Sebastian venue will be responsible for the workshop, the result of collaboration between the Stocos Institute and Dantzagunea. It will be given by Muriel Romero, Pablo Palacio and Daniel Bisig, and focuses on combining the artistic skills of dance and those of digital art. This project aims to achieve greater and more sophisticated transfer of creativity at the intersection of the two disciplines. This was done by working with tools for digitalisation of dance, based on motion capture, artificial intelligence and generative art, using the significant progress being made in these fields.



One of the novelties this year is that the ZINETIKA Festival will last for three consecutive weekends and not simultaneously during a single week as happened before. This means that Pamplona will host the festival from November 18th-20th, San Sebastian from November 26th-28th and Bilbao from December 2nd-4th.

Another novelty this year is the presentation of an updated website, more dynamic and visual, with a new design, sections and structure of the contents. The new website will continue with the same domain name as before:



Since they were created in 2021, the ZINETIKA Festival has supported the “K Awards”, the result of collaboration between film clubs and festivals to spread awareness of their activities. A jury presents an award to a short film from each of the festivals involved, based on such criteria as quality, differentiation and originality.

Apart from ZINETIKA, other participants include Surf Film Festival, Huezinema, Animadeba, The Sign Language Film Festival, Donosskino, Amua In-Edit, Hator Hator and Gau Laburra. The film clubs behind the initiative are Kresala in San Sebastian, Zinetogram in Azkoitia, Goieniz in Beasain, Butak21 in Urretxu-Zumarraga and Ozzinema in Renteria. As part of Zinemaldia, the Trueba cinemas in San Sebastian held a session on September 19th to show the award-winning short film from Winnetka 2021: The Egg Child (Kevin Robic, 2021). The next session will take place in Hondarribia on October 29th.


ZINETIKA Festival is intended to be a forum for artistic exchange that promotes links between international entities and artists from different disciplines, thus enriching cultural exchange. Organised by El Trastero Creativo in collaboration with Choreoscope, the festival works to strengthen bonds between the three cities hosting the venues, thus strengthening cultural links between the three provinces. To this end, we collaborate with different bodies in the three cities involved: Pamplona (Pamplona Town Council, Napar, the Tres Reyes Hotel, Asador Erreleku, Noticias de Navarra, Arena Comunicacion), San Sebastian (Guipuzkoa Regional Government, Donostia Kultura, Dantzagunea, Kresala zinekluba, Noticias de Gipuzkoa) and Bilbao (the Guggenheim Museum, Deia).

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