To let go

    To Let Go is a performance installation by Laida Aldaz. It consists in two visual poetry books of great dimensions, containing 4 screens embedded in which the images reflect the impossibility of letting go.

    This project was possible thanks to the Huarte Contemporary Art Centre's Programme of Grants for the Visual and Plastic Arts 2022 in collaboration with the Directorate General for Culture of the Government of Navarra.

    Thanks to:

    Familia de Casa Amezqueta (Izu), Familia Ayarra-Elía, Encuadernaciones Baigura, Encuadernaciones Barañáin, Sebastán Taberna, Olatz Aldasoro, Adriana Sotelo, Rosa García Loire, 601 Producciones Audiovisuales, Asador Erreleku, La Faktoria Choreographic Center, Antartika Kultur Container, Zinetika Festival.