Zinetika Festival

VIII.Edition 2023

17 November - 14 December

Thank you all! Preparing the next edition... 2024

Zinetika Productions

To let go

To Let Go is a performance installation by Laida Aldaz. It consists in two visual poetry books of great dimensions, containing 4 screens embedded in which the images reflect the impossibility of letting go.

In perspective

It is a multidisciplinary performance based on the encounter between dance, architecture and music, in non-stage spaces. As its name suggests, it plays with perspectives, evoking a cinematographic atmosphere.


THE ROOM is an experimental short film filmed in January 2020 and directed by Laida aldaz Arrieta. In his search to deepen the relationships between the body and space, he reflects, through a single shot, on the impossibility of getting out of the daily routine in which we are isolating ourselves. Sometimes a simple room with a closed door is all we need to start a choreographic creation process. 


One space. Two dices. 10 dancers. One game of chance. The possibility of creating in the confinement.