The ZINETIKA Festival joins the “K” Awards

Sep 3, 2021

The ZINETIKA Festival participated in the 1st “K” Awards, an event created by the Kresala Zinekluba and a result of collaboration with the following film clubs Zinetogram in Azkoitia, Goieniz in Beasain and Butak21 in Urretxu-Zumarraga, as well as several film festivals held in Guipuzcoa – Animadeba, The Sign Language Film Festival, Donosskino and Amua, not forgetting ZINETIKA.

In each of these festivals, held between September and December, a jury made up of three members from different film clubs will choose a film on the basis of the values of these associations, such as quality, differentiation, originality, etc.

Each of the winners will receive a 20 cm. K-shaped trophy created by Egingela, a multidisciplinary group consisting of Iker Babace and Asier Arizkorreta. All the prize-winning films will be shown in special sessions held in various places in Guipuzcoa.

The event aims to promote different aspects of cinematography, enhance the impact of the participating festivals and increase the number of festivals in film clubs taking part in future years.

The “K” Awards took place at August 30th, on the 4th floor Balcony of the Tabakalera building, at an event where the representatives of the festivals taking part presented their projects. After the presentation, a screening session was scheduled where a short film proposed by each festival could be seen. In the case of ZINETIKA, “Sisters” (Daphne Lucker, 2018), winner of the Best Film award at ZINETIKA 2019. The work presents three sisters living in a broken home at each other’s mercy, only surviving while they stay together. However, is the love they hold for each other enough to stand the dismal environment they find themselves in?

The following shorts were shown as well as “Sisters” – “Cerdita” (Carlota Martínez Pereda, 2018), “Beldur Malutak” (Ander Iruretagoiena, Telmo Irureta, 2019), “Ama Hil Egin Zaigu” (Bira produkzioak, 2021), “Monsieur Michel” (Julien Bourges, 2019), “I Said I Would Never Talk About Politics” (Aitor Oñederra, 2015), “Sirenas” (Aitor Guerrero, 2021) and “La tierra llamando a Ana” (Fernando Bonelli, 2019).

Latest news

Oct 28, 2022


The poster for the 7th ZINETIKA Festival is now available, with the festival being held from November 18th to December 4th 2022 in Pamplona, San Sebastian and Bilbao with a programme based on short video-dance films performances, workshops and a masterclass.


This year’s international event has added two new venues. The Guggenheim Museum will become the new Winnetka venue in Bilbao as part of the TopARTE programme in its 25th year.

In addition, the Euskadi Institute of Architecture becomes the new venue in San Sebastian, while the Trueba Cinemas will continue showing the short films. The vents in Pamplona will take place in the Civivox Condestable cultural centre.

The programme includes a masterclass given by the film-maker Marina Lameiro, the presentation of the film "Luna Negra" and the performance entitled "In Perspective".