IX. Edition 2024

Pamplona - San Sebastián - Bilbao

Call closed

01/03/24 - 15/06/24

The deadline to submit works for the IXth edition of ZINETIKA FESTIVAL has remained open until June 15, 2024.

Thank you very much to all those who had in the call. Now it's up to the jury to deliberate; its final decision will be communicated in November.

The selected works will be screened during the next edition of the Festival, which will be held in the fall in Pamplona, San Sebastián and Bilbao.


Best film
Best film 300 €

The international jury of Zinetika Festival, composed by leading dance and film professionals, awards the Best Film award to the best title of the Official Section.

Best director
Best director 300 €

The international jury of Zinetika Festival, composed by reference professionals of dance and cinema, gives the Best Direction award to the title with best directing work of the Official Selection.

K Awards
K Awards

A jury composed made up of Kresala Zinekluba will award one of the short films from the official selection and the winning short will be screened at festivals and film clubs associated with Kresala.

Other Lights Award
Other Lights Award

A series of films will be selected from the Open Screen and Offical Selection sections to be projected on the walls of the Pamplona Citadel in the open air, within the Other Lights Festival.

Honorific mention
Honorific mention

The international jury of Zinetika Festival, composed of reference professionals from dance and cinema, awards the Honorable Mention of the festival to a film from the Official Section with outstanding achievements.