VIII. Edition 2023

17 November - 14 December

Pamplona - San Sebastián - Bilbao - Mayenne



Palacio Condestable


ÂRTICA is a non-conventional show, with no text, where the theatre experience turns into a sensorial adventure. An old, wooded house of small dimensions hosts inside a visible mystery only for those who are lucky to get inside.

The audience is welcomed by silence and curious characters inviting them to enter their home. Covered by warm coats protecting them from the 6ºC at which the inside of the house is, the audience will witness a secret carefully kept.

A unique life experience; a scenery surprisingly changing, turning the exterior of the house in little stages showed to the audience through the windows, slightly separating the present and the past; a place to be able to feel how to find the warmest moments of our lives in the coldest stories.

The Caldeirão Highlanders

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao


The Caldeirão Highlanders, exercises in fictional anthropology is focused in desertification and dehumanization of the Sierra de lo Caldeirão in he Algarve (Portugal). Mantero uses her own images, together with the ones filmed by the anthropologist Michel Giacometti on the song of labour, to bring to life the traditions of the oral culture of the people who lived in the rural areas of Portugal, traditions also seen in other cultures and continents. Through this portrait, Mantero analyses the wisdom of rural life that has been lost over the years.

«In this work, created for the Encontros do DeVIR festival, I address myself to people who possess a lost knowledge, a knowledge about the link between the body and the spirit, between everyday life and art. A knowledge that we can and must rescue, for our own good. My final dance is my tribute to this knowledge».

Vera Mantero


Activity in collaboration with the TopARTE program of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

A universal story



Continuing the experimentation with the object as the narrative element, the Universal History has been tried to be dramatized from our own perspective, generating an audiovisual tour through some of the events that constitute the mankind. A unique class of History, a short and ongoing history through object manipulation, choreographic action and the projection of the shadows.

“The history tells what happened, the poetry of what it was meant to happen”

Greek Philosopher, (384 BC – 322 BC)






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